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We understand that investing in property can be quite puzzling at times, that’s why we offer investors a chance to work with us. This way you can also be as hands-off as you wish. You get to learn about investing in property in more depth, gaining more knowledge as we work together!

Investing in property

If you are interested in receiving a greater return on your money instead of it sitting idle in the bank, contact us to see how we could work together on future projects!

Why Invest in Property?

Property is an amazing flexible investment. No matter what your current financial status is or no matter what your financial goals are. There are several ways of Investing in property, the three reasons below are why we believe investing in property is such a fantastic choice!

Capital Growth

Over time property values will generally increase. Property has historically proven its ability to deliver capital gain, provided you select the right area with correct supply/demand ratio and demographics!

Postive Cash Flow

Property has the ability to produce some great income depending on the demand, location and property type. Certain property strategies offer exceptional cash flow. The extra money it can produce can definitely assist in all areas of your life, even to become financially independent!

Adding Value

Have you ever viewed a run down property, with an unpleasant smell that appeared unloved, unkept and in a state of disrepair? Don’t be put off! With simple renovation, decoration and subdividing of the rooms, we can dramatically enhance the properties value.

Why Invest Now?

Current market statistics show that In the next 20 years the number of UK households is expected to reach 28 million – an increase of around 250,000 households each year. The UK is currently more crowded than any other country in the EU. Latest government estimates suggest that around 232,000 properties need to be built every year to keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

Since 2002 rental demand for property has almost doubled. In 2016, 1 in 5 UK households were living in rental accommodation. This resulted in a requirement for an additional 1.1 million rental properties in the UK. Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in property:

  • Politically & economically stable.
  • Record levels of population growth in the UK.
  • Housing supply at a 100 year low.
  • 20% of the population will rent within the next 5 years.
  • Rising rental yields.

Why Invest with Mindful Property?

At Mindful Property we like to get to know our investors. We are mindful of who we work with (Joint Venture’s) and value the importance of business relationships. Our services are tailored to our investor’s particular requirements. You may be looking at investing in property for a certain ROI (Return On Investment) or you may want to leave your money in an investment and reap the rewards. In the future, you may want to recycle your investment capital, pulling your investment out to invest in another project. Our property strategies include buying to sell for a profit or buying to hold which generates great cash flow.

Stack of coins

Mindful Property can provide the experience, knowledge and solutions to make our business investment relationship a real win: win. We work with investors from all over the UK with various levels of experience. We can provide you with a property investment brochure to show how your investment gains profit. This gives you a chance to learn and see your investments grow if you become a joint venture partner. We also have scheduled reviews with all of our investors, keeping them updated on how the projects and investments are progressing, updates can be provided face to face if you are local, or by Skype, telephone or conference call. When investing in property, call Mindful Property and let us show you how to invest correctly.

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